Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The Friendly Skies 

I visit the “friendly skies” often. I don’t mind. I enjoy flying.

Flying on the weekend is very different than flying on during the week. The business traveler is seasoned and has generally mastered the art of being a “terminal jockey.” Weekend planes are filled with families.

Weekend traveling usually takes a little longer. People are not use to the new airport regulations. Some have not learned the most graceful way of getting to a seat as not to hold up everyone behind them. And then, of course, there are kids.

Kids are always stopping to marvel at the plane, the airport, the crowd, and, well you get the point. Weekend travel is just a little slower—just a step behind.

As I settled into my seat, I quickly noticed that I was surrounded by little kids. There were two boys behind me, a little girl to my right, and in front of me were these two “toe headed” little girls—about 5 and 3 years old.

All of these kids were very good. But, just a little louder than the normal weekday traveler. The little girl setting at the window in front of me was excited about everything. Soon we were lifting off the ground and she squealed like she was on a ride at an amusement park. Everyone laughed and enjoyed her innocence.

However, after a few minutes it became obvious that she was going to give a report of how high we were. “We’re getting higher,” she screamed with enthusiasm.

“We’re getting higher.” “We’re getting higher.” “We’re getting higher.” “We’re getting higher.” “We’re getting higher.” “We’re getting higher.”

For an hour-and-a-half, “We’re getting higher.”

The persistence of a child is so annoying. They never get tired of repeating the same thing if it entertains them. “Why doesn’t her mother say something to her?” “What good would that do,” I said to myself.

And then a couple of verses came to me.

“You must become as one of these little children….”
“How much more does your Father in heaven ….”

Lord help me to be a little child.

Again Lord, ……

Saturday, July 26, 2003

God's name 

I’m a little confused as to what God wants me to call him.

I sat next to a delightful lady on a long plane ride and she and I talked about God.

“What is the difference between how I experience God’s family and the way you do?” she asked. She was a Jew.

This was such an insightful question. She questioned why we had such a hang up about heaven and hell.

“You believe you have been graphed in right? So, what’s up with the paranoia? I don’t get it. I teach Jr. High classes on Leviticus and it is very clear that if God counts you as part of the family—you are.”

I told her the paranoia stems from the fact that we are like an adopted child waiting for the Last Will and Testament to be read of your adopted parents. Seated next to you is the Natural born son—It’s just a little unnerving to wonder if your where really apart of the family all along.

“So, what do you call God?” she wondered.

“We call him by name.”

“You mean you call him the “Y” name?” her eyes opened with fear and wonder.

“Yes, I guess so”

“You guess so?” she scorned. “God said not to take his name in vain. Do you know what that means?”

“Well, I was taught that it mainly means not to curse with God’s name.” I was sheepishly answering.

“That’s not what that means. It means, don’t use God’s name as if it were empty—as if it had no power, influence, or meaning.”

God when I say your name may it fill my life with power, influence, and meaning. Teach me your name.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Natural-Born Cyborgs 

How will our faith change when we become more machine than human?

Maybe I watched too much of the Six Million Dollar Man as a kid. Maybe T3 is a little too fresh in my mind.

Think I've lost my mind? Think again.

With the advances in medicine and it marriage to technology, we are able to build and rebuild the human anatomy.

How will our faith change as we see natural-born cyborgs come to know God?

God guide me through the changes of my world.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

If God is 

If God is for me, who can be against me?

Some days it seems like everyone and everything is against me. Pushing and tugging against me.

God must not be for me.

I can't believe that.

Maybe it's "if God is for me, who can prevail against me?"


Yet there are days when victory is not present.

God must not be for me.

I can't think that.

It is a promise. If God is for me, who can prevail against me?

Then, who is this one who keeps beating me up and claiming victory over my life?

I can almost not bear the thought.

I am the only one God has given the power to prevail over Him in my life.

God help me to surrender my freewill.

Who Belongs? 

As I was reviewing some information distributed by Barna, I noticed that most Americans believe in God, consider themselves to be religious, and try to live accordingly. Yet, most do not attend a congregational meeting regularly. Hmmm....

I regularly hear this information presented in sermons expressing how we are going to hell in a basket or it appears in a sermon reflecting on the difference between belief and faith--us and them.

However, I think the question remains; Who belongs to God?

If a person is on a journey with God and believes in Him why do we question their "family" ties--why do we believe they don't belong?

For God so Loved the World....

God help me to include those whom you call family.

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